Copyright and Publishing Rights

1. Copyright Ownership: The Journal for Social Science Archives (hereinafter referred to as "the Journal") asserts copyright ownership for all articles, reviews, and other content published in the Journal. Authors, by submitting their work to the Journal, agree to transfer copyright to the Journal, allowing the Journal exclusive rights to reproduce, distribute, and display the work in any medium.

2. Author's Rights: While the Journal retains copyright, authors are granted certain rights to their own work. Authors retain the right to: a. Reproduce, distribute, and display their work for personal and educational purposes. b. Reproduce, distribute, and display their work on their personal website or institutional repository.

3. Permissions: Authors are responsible for obtaining necessary permissions for any copyrighted material (such as images, tables, or figures) included in their submitted work. The Journal is not liable for any copyright infringements related to such material.

4. Publishing Agreement: Authors must sign a publishing agreement with the Journal before their work is published. This agreement outlines the terms and conditions of publication, including copyright transfer, author's rights, and responsibilities.

5. Open Access: The Journal is committed to open access publishing. All published content is freely accessible to the public, allowing for the widest possible dissemination of knowledge. Authors acknowledge and support the open access policy of the Journal.

6. Archiving and Indexing: The Journal retains the right to archive and index all published content in databases, repositories, and indexing services, whether electronic or otherwise, to enhance the visibility and accessibility of the content.

7. Author Attribution: Proper attribution to the author(s) will be provided in all published works. The Journal will make reasonable efforts to ensure that the author's name is always associated with their work.

8. Retraction and Corrections: The Journal reserves the right to retract or correct any published work if deemed necessary. Authors may be involved in the process of retraction or correction.

9. Future Uses: The Journal retains the right to use published works in future compilations, anthologies, or other publications related to the Journal's mission, provided due credit is given to the original authors.

10. Reuse and Adaptation: Third parties interested in reusing or adapting content published in the Journal must seek permission from the Journal and provide appropriate attribution.

11. Review and Amendment: This Copyright and Publishing Rights Policy is subject to periodic review and may be amended by the Journal. Authors will be notified of any changes to the policy.