Policy Statement: The Journal for Social Science Archives (JSSA) recognizes the importance of fostering inclusivity and ensuring equitable access to scholarly publishing. In line with this commitment, JSSA offers a waiver of publication fees for eligible authors who may face financial barriers. This policy outlines the criteria and process for requesting a waiver of publication fees.

Eligibility Criteria: Waiver requests will be considered for authors who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Financial Hardship: Authors experiencing financial hardship that would impede their ability to pay publication fees.

  2. Institutional Support: Authors affiliated with institutions that lack the financial resources to cover publication fees.

  3. Geographical Region: Authors from low-income or lower-middle-income countries, as defined by the World Bank classification, may be eligible for waivers.

Application Process: Authors seeking a waiver of publication fees must submit a formal request to the editorial office at the time of manuscript submission. The request should include the following:

  1. A letter explaining the reasons for the waiver request, specifying the nature of the financial constraint or institutional limitations.

  2. Supporting documentation, such as a statement from the author's institution or evidence of financial hardship.

Review Process: The editorial office will review waiver requests on a case-by-case basis. The decision will be based on the merit of the request, the availability of funds, and the overall commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in scholarly publishing.

Confidentiality: All information provided in support of a waiver request will be treated confidentially. Only individuals involved in the review process will have access to this information.