Withdrawal Policy

1. Purpose and Scope:

The withdrawal policy of the "Journal for Social Science Archives" is designed to provide guidelines for authors who wish to withdraw their submitted manuscripts from the publication process. This policy outlines the conditions under which a withdrawal request may be considered and the steps involved in the withdrawal process.

2. Withdrawal Criteria:

Authors may request the withdrawal of their manuscript under the following circumstances:

a. Author-Requested Withdrawal: The corresponding author may request the withdrawal of the manuscript at any stage of the publication process by providing a written request to the editorial office. The request must include a clear and detailed explanation for the withdrawal.

b. Ethical Concerns: If ethical issues or violations are identified in the manuscript, the editorial board reserves the right to initiate withdrawal proceedings.

c. Plagiarism: Manuscripts found to have significant instances of plagiarism may be subject to withdrawal.

3. Withdrawal Procedure:

a. Author-Requested Withdrawal:

i. Authors must send a formal withdrawal request to the editorial office via email. The request should be sent from the email address used for manuscript submission. ii. The withdrawal request must include the title of the manuscript, the names of all authors, and a detailed reason for the withdrawal. iii. The editorial office will acknowledge the withdrawal request and initiate the withdrawal process.

b. Ethical Concerns or Plagiarism:

i. In case of ethical concerns or plagiarism, the editorial board will conduct a thorough investigation. ii. If a violation is confirmed, the corresponding author will be notified of the decision to withdraw the manuscript, along with a detailed explanation. iii. The editorial office will update the manuscript status to "Withdrawn."

4. Consequences of Withdrawal:

a. Manuscripts withdrawn by author request will be marked as "Withdrawn" in the journal records.

b. In cases of ethical concerns or plagiarism, the reason for withdrawal may be communicated to relevant institutions, and appropriate action may be taken.